Wilmar Agservices

What is BioDunder

BioDunder is a liquid by-product of ethanol that is produced using the Biostil fermentation/distillation process at Wilmar BioEthanol's Sarina Distillery. It is also commonly referred to as stillage or vinasse. Wilmar BioEthanol is the only company in Australia to operate the Biostil process, specifically installed in 1989 to produce a highly concentrated dunder stream (BioDunder). BioDunder, (which contains approximately 30-40% solids) is the end product of molasses fermentation and comprises of vegetable matter (yeast biomass) containing potassium, sodium, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sulphur.

In particular BioDunder has been valued as a liquid fertiliser that contains a viable source of readily available potassium for crop growth. Trials have also shown crop responses to BioDunder due in part to a 'dunder factor', which may be the organic compounds in the product. By using liquid fertilisers, growers are reducing Australia's dependence on imported potash. The Sarina Ethanol Distillery is capable of producing up to 300 million litres (ML) of Biodunder annually.

In 1996, Wilmar BioEthanol commenced the production of Liquid One Shot fertiliser products as a result of customer demand. Like Biodunder,Liquid One Shot products are by-products of ethanol production by molasses fermentation (and hence sugarcane milling). They contain the same vegetable matter (yeast biomass) as Biodunder with added amounts of sulphuric acid and urea to increase the sulphur and nitrogen content in the final products. Products in the Liquid One Shot range include Standard Liquid One Shot (LOS), LOS Mid N, LOS Hi N and Liquid Top Dress (LTD). Wilmar AgServices' Liquid Top Dress (LTD) concentrate is batched at the Oonooie Facility as per daily demand, with multiple batches being produced each day during the sugarcane season. All LOS products are derived from LTD plus Biodunder. The only product stored in dams at Oonooie is Biodunder, the base product for our value added range.