Protecting Our Environment

How Wilmar Agservices is protecting the environment.

Protecting the environment and in particular the Great Barrier Reef is a high priority for Wilmar AgServices. We discharge our environmental responsibilities in a number of ways:


Bio Dunder® Recycles Nutrients

Bio Dunder® is the by-product of molasses fermentation, thus the nutrients contained in Bio Dunder® have originated from the cane fields where the molasses is produced from. By returning Bio Dunder® to the field as a fertiliser, a unique recycling process is achieved.

Bio Dunder® based liquid fertilisers have a number of important attributes which can contribute to environmental sustainability:

  • All Wilmar AgServices Agronomy Staff are FertCare Accredited Advisor
  • Wilmar AgServices undertakes and commissions research on the safety of our products to the environment
  • Wilmar AgServices staff are involved in and support community and industry natural resource management groups including Reef Catchments Mackay

Working Closely with the EHP

Wilmar AgServices works closely with the Environmental Heritage Protection to ensure our products are used according to sustainability, including the following;

  • Plant available potassium source that does not cause root burn
  • Viable source of readily available potassium, reduces the need for potassium fertiliser imports
  • Around 10% organic carbon improves soil structure and improves microbial activity
  • Bio Dunder® contains a range of micronutrients beneficial for plant growth.

  document DMSID 116 41 Storm Water Management (12.26 MB)