Bio Dunder® Rewards

Bio Dunder® Rewards in 2019


Bio Dunder® Rewards Terms and Conditions

Customers are rewarded for their 2019 purchases with a credit on their 2020 account to the amount of $1 for every cubic meter of Bio Dunder® Liquid Fertiliser product(s) purchased. Customers making full payment within Wilmar’s 30 day terms are eligible for the Reward. To allow for easy recording of your Reward the Reward amount will be displayed on your monthly invoice.

The following conditions apply:

  • This reward applies to purchases from July 1 2019 and is effective on purchases up to December 31 2019.
  • Customers must pay for products that are purchased within the 30 day terms. A payment for an invoice outside of these terms will not be eligible for the Bio Dunder® Rewards credit.
  • Where a customer’s trading name changes. The distribution of the Reward is at Wilmar’s discretion.
  • Credit will be processed in March of the following year.
  • Bio Dunder® Reward amount is not redeemable for cash.