Fertiliser Transportation

Wilmar AgServices recommends that growers utilise trained and responsible contractors to deliver liquid fertiliser to your farm. All Wilmar contractors are trained in product collection, delivery and accurate application. They are inducted by Wilmar AgServicesfor Safety, Health and the Environment and are aware of the necessary actions required in the event of a transport spill. Wilmar AgServices and its Contractors are also responsible for the safe delivery of product to your farm gate.

Growers may purchase their own Bio Dunder® fertiliser, however they are responsible for the product and safe transportation of it after departing the Oonooie Front Gate. Spilt product cannot be returned to either the Sarina Distillery Site or the Oonooie Facility. In the event of a transport spill contact your local council or EPA for appropriate disposal of product at a council waste disposal facility.

Growers purchasing product direct from Oonooie, need to ensure that;

  • Their vehicle is roadworthy and has a current Queensland Transport Machinery Inspection Certificate,
  • The tank, couplings and transfer hoses meet appropriate Queensland Transport specifications,
  • The tank to be filled is secured firmly to the vehicle
  • Appropriate safety clothing: namely closed in shoes, long trousers, long sleeve shirts, high visibility vests (provided) and safety glasses are to be worn onsite, and
  • No smoking is permitted onsite.

Growers should note that access to Wilmar AgServices sites is dependant on compliance with site safety regulations, especially personal protective clothing.


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