Vizura® & Bio Dunder®

What is it?
A nitrification inhibitor that delays the transformation of ammonium (NH4) to nitrite (and nitrate) for a certain period of time.

What are the benefits?
Safeguards nitrogen against losses from nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions.


Where should I use it?
Do you have a part of your farm that is:
 Prone to waterlogging
 Light sandy soil or
 Poor drainage?
Then Vizura® is an option to improve your nitrogen efficiency in these areas.


The unique formulation of Bio Dunder® liquid fertiliser products has been developed to ensure that the nitrogen in the product may be stabilised and remain for a period of time in the ammonium form.
In recent years, technology has increased in the area of enhanced efficiency fertilisers such that, commercial products are now available that are able to extend the availability of nitrogen in the soil for greater periods after application.
After extensive trial work we are happy to announce that we now have available the nitrification inhibitor, Vizura®, as an addition to our Bio Dunder® Product Range.
As with other nitrification inhibitor products that are available, Vizura® works through slowing down the process of the nitrifying bacteria converting the nitrogen from the stable ammonium form to the leachable nitrate form.
Vizura® has been formulated to work with organic material such as Bio Dunder® and has been used successfully to inhibit the nitrification process in surface and subsurface applied agricultural slurry applications in Europe for a number of years.
For pricing or further information around the addition of Vizura® to your Bio Dunder® product, submit your enquiry or give the office a call on 07 4940 9822.

Vizura® is a registered trademark of BASF SE.